ACL tear is the most common knee injury.Tear of ACL makes knee unstable and vulnerable to reinjury.The injured individual feels instablity and feeling of losing balance. once ACL is completely torn the ideal treatment is an ACL reconstruction surgery.

 ACL repair : as one of the recent advancement in arthroscopic surgeries we are doing acl repairs .
the indications are acute femoral avulsions which have a intact stump. it is possble in around 10 percent of all cases. Our technique comprises of doing a micofracture, to increase bleeding, and then using a knotless anchor to fix the stump back to anatomical position 

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 (patient testimonial following ACl reconstuction)

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Frequently asked questions

I tore my ACL, do I need surgery?

ACL ligament once torn do not heal on its own.  These patients will continue to have some instablity and may develop arthritis and meniscal tears. So a surgery is usually required. In a rare elderly patient your doctor may discuss the option of non operative treatment based on his clinical judgment.

Will I ever be able to play?

Yes, the goal of modern day ACL surgery is to take the patient to the field to play. Whole of our team work hard to achieve this goal.

Do u stitch the torn ligament?

No, the results of stitching the torn ligaments is not as good. In very rare patient with multiple ligament injury your doctor may use his clinical judgment to stitch the ligament.

What do you do in the surgery then?

We reconstruct a new ligament with your own body tissue.

What tissue you use to reconstruct the ligament?

Your surgeon has an option to choose between various body tissues, He will discuss it with you. ACL surgery is a rapidly evolving surgery. Our surgeons keep pace with the developments in the world in order to ensure that you get the best results in their hands.

Dr Prathmesh Jain is the pioneer of the ADVANCE technique of ACL reconstruction.

A : Anatomical 

D: Dependable

V: Versatile

A : Accurate

N : Novel

C: customised

E: energetic

Dr Prathmesh Jain is one of the best surgeon for ACL surgery.He performs the surgery with his  novel technique. A regular ACL surgery takes less than 30 minutes in his hand. He has made several modifications in the anatomical acl reconstruction technique which makes surgery swift in his hands. Reduced surgical time means faster rehablitation, quick recovery and least chances of infection 

Hamstring technique: 

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 ACL surgery sequence 

ideal  set up 

 hamstring graft harvest 

Wire in the femoral tunnel after  tunnel  preparation

Final Graft After Preparation with Endobutton on Femoral side

Tibial Tunnel Preparation

Graft Passage

Tibia fixation with Bio screw and suture disc

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ACL rehablitation


Demonstration of knee joint

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ACL success story 

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Functional result after ACL reconstruction . Patient is able to play and run after a well done ACL reconstruction.

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PBTB graft technique : 
Knee ligament reconstruction with patellar bone tendon bone (PBTB) graft is performed with harvesting middle third of patellar tendon with patellar and tibial tuberosity bone plugs and fixation of bone plugs in femoral and tibial tunnels with interference screws by arthroscopic approach.

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