Shoulder instability is a very common ailment in the athletes.

It is manifested by either a dislocation or a subluxation.

The most common lesion is a bankart lesion.

bankart lesion is a sugically correctable lesion.

Arthroscopic advancements have made it a very efficient procedure.

testimonial from a shoulder dislocation patient

testimonial from a bankart repair patient

Dislocations and Instability


This is what one can do after a shoulder instablity surgery. People will not be able to identify which shoulder has been operated.

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Patient  : Udit Sood

Recurrent dislocation Shoulder

All Arthroscopic Bankart Repair


Unstable shoulder is the manifested by repeated episodes of dislocation. The most common defect in these patients is a Bankart lession in which the anterioinferior labrum(capsule) is stripped off from the joint.

This is a correctable problem. All arthroscopic bankart repair is performed with multiple suture anchours to reattach the torn part back to its original position. The results are gratifying with very low recurrence rate.

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This is a very severe unstable shoulder. it is treated with arthroscopic Bankart replir, SLAP repair and remplissage for engaging hill sachs lesion.

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keyhole repair being done. What we can see is the incisions are very small and procedure is being done with camera in place. This reduces pain and make surgery a comfortable experience.
Arthroscopic repair being done. This is an intraoperative picture which shows an anchor being inserted and sutures passed with special instruments.

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