Hand Problems

In the present world, with increasing use of computer and related equipments , no. of patients with hand problems is increasing day by day.The most common problems in hand are as follows
Thumb pain : This is the most common hand symptom. The cause of thumb pain are CMC arthritis(carpometacarpal arthritis) and dequervain tenosynovitis.
CMC arthritis: This is the most common osteoarthritis of hand region . It occurs most commonly in patients who do fine work over their life. The treatment consist of pain meidcations and gentle physiotherapy.In patients experiencing acute symptoms a short duration of splinting is useful .In very severe cases, We do a procedure called as LRTI. It gives a painless stable and mobile thumb joint to the patient .

Hand clinic at advance hospital. 
advance hospital organises hand clinic at regular intervals. dr vikas gupta a leading hand surgeon in india has organised serial hand surgery clinics at advance hospital