Hospital charges

Consultation charges
OPD charges :

Dr Prathmesh Jain        
 Arthroscopy speciality consultation/second opinion/referral case/emergency consultation : 1500rs                                                                                               First orthopedic  consultation : 800 rs 
Follow up consultation : 400 rs 

Dr Dipti Jain  first consultation 500 Rs 
                          follow up 300 Rs 
Dr Ashok Khatri  1500 Rs 

Xray charges : 400 Rs 
Dressing charges 300 Rs 

Indoor charges 
Registration fees 200 rs 
Dressing fees 400 rs 
X ray Charges : 400 Rs 
Visiting consultant charges : 1000 -2000 Rs 

 Room category charges doctor visit charge
 Non Ac1000  800
 Special twin sharing with Ac2000 1000 
 special room with Ac2500 1000 
 Deluxe  room 30001200 
 Super Deluxe room3500 1500
 Luxury room  4000 1500
 general ward  500 700

OT charges : 40 percent of surgeon charges  (class 100 Ot with laminar flow)
Anaesthesia charges : 20 percent of surgical charges.
IITV charge 2000 Rs 
physiotherapy charge 300 Rs 


Advance knee and shoulder hospital has fixed some routine surgery as package surgery. The hospital abides with the package that is the amount payable by the patient will not be more than the package charges even if patient stays more or have any surgical issues. If the surgery goes uneventfully the patient may get some refund. Advance knee and shoulder hospital is the only hospital to actually refund patient's money even in cases of package surgery.

Package charges
includes(surgery charges, anaesthesia charges,OT charges, investigation charges, Best quality implants, medications, physician fitness, equipment charges, IITV charges, physiotherapy charges, nursing charges, doctor visit charges, X ray charges, dressing charges, )

Knee arthroscopy  60000
Arthroscopic partial meniscectomy 75000 Rs.
chondral procedures/mosaicplasty 90000 Rs 
Solitary ACL reconstruction surgery 125000 Rs (if surgery includes meniscal procedures and multiligament surgeries, then package will change)
PCL reconstruction surgery 135000 Rs 
Knee  Replacement surgery 1.75 lacs 
Unicompartmental knee 1.65 lacs
Bankart repair 1.5 lacs (3 anchors)
Rotator cuff repair 1.5 lacs (3 anchors)