Many people are not aware that a shoulder joint can also be replaced just like a knee joint.

Shoulder replacement is the treatment offered for patients suffering from shoulder arthritis and bad fractures.
Advance knee and shoulder hospital is one of the few centers in India performing shoulder replacement surgery on regular basis.

There are 3 major types of shoulder replacement

Total shoulder arthroplasty 
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty 

The main reasons for which we need to do a shoulder replacement are as follows:
Bad fractures of shoulder.
Shoulder osteoarthritis 
Massive cuff tears leading to arthritis 
Rheumatoid arthritis of shoulder.

severely damaged shoulder because of arthritis 

Trial and original glenoid implant:

Glenoid (socket) of shoulder exposed

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Just 6 weeks following total shoulder replacement patient is able to her activity of daily living and has a good range of motion.


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Shoulder replacement set 

shoulder replacement surgery being performed

shoulder joint prosthesis