Advance knee and shoulder hospital is one of the best orthopedic hospitals in ahmedabad.  The hospital features a class 100 laminar OT facility. Infrastructurally , it can be labelled as the best arthroscopy hospital not only in ahmedabad but in the state of gujrat.  The hospital aims to provide international quality healthcare facility. Advance knee and shoulder hospital is a superspeciality hospital constructed with an aim to provide state of the art facility to the patients with knee and shoulder problems. The facility at the hospital is better than any corporate hospital setup . The hospital has rich infrastructure, state of the at equipment, very qualified and experienced doctors and dedicated staff which makes it a highly recommended knee and shoulder surgery hospital in the state of gujrat.  The hospital started on 19th july 2015 and has expanded since then. The hopsital now has round the clock qualified staff. The hospital has expanded since then with reference to area, number of beds, number of patients and  number of surgeries being performed. The hospital is a 15 bedded facility.The hospital provides all basic amenities in a compact set up. OT of hospital is well equipped with latest technological instruments.

Advance knee and shoulder hospital is strategically located on SG highway at pakvan crossroads. The hospital is located on 3rd and 4th floor in circle B building.  The 4th floor has a dedicated consultation room , OT and recovery room.

 We aim to serve people not only from ahmedabad, but whole of  India and abroad who wish a world class knee and shoulder care in India. Our surgeons offer the best, world class treatment for knee and shoulder problems in ahmedabad. Dr Prathmesh Jain(Director, Advance knee and shoulder hospital) is among the best arthroscopic surgeon in ahmedabad. Advance knee and shoulder hospital provides best knee replacement services in gujrat.
The whole hospital is run in a way so as the patients feel at home. The doctors and the staff strive to be closely associated with patients and their problems.

Within an year of establishment advance knee and shoulder hospital starts its second expansion phase with addition of high quality X ray facility, extra patient beds and consulting rooms . The  hospital is now 15 bedded setup. - the hospital now plans to advance its services to other disciplines.

Hospital phone 079 26870336
for appointment :7096021983

Reverse shoulder replacement is the talk of town

Dr Prathmesh was recently designated as a faculty to teach shoulder arthroscopy to budding orthopedic surgeons at  cadaveric workshop organised at banglore and dehradun.
Dr prathmesh is labelled as the best arthroscopy surgeon in ahmedabad and gujrat.


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Our aim  is to relieve pain and suffering. Knee and shoulder joints are the most commonly injured joints. Besides the problems of these joints is debilitating as well. We judiciously utilize Arthroscopy and other minimally invasive techniques when required to provide best results. We continue to be acquainted with the latest in the orthopedic surgery in the world. In the past 2 decades a significant advancement has taken place in the western world in arthroscopic approaches to joint problems.Many diseases of the joints which were previously considered non recovering are being addressed with arthroscopic surgery and the results are wonderful. We aim to keep up our arthroscopic surgical skills by keeping up with the latest in the world.We are able to do these surgical procedures on an outpatient basis and patients can return to their active levels quickly.

    Hospital numbers: 
      7096021980  Dr Prathmesh Jain Director and orthopeidc surgeon 
       7096021981  Dr Dipti Jain  CEO
       7096021982  Mr Kumar Bhaskar : Hospital Manager
       7096021983   Mrs Tahira  : Receptionist and OPD scheduer
       7096021990   Ketan : Hospital staff 
       7096021847   Mr Sanket , Hospital staff 
       7096021916    MR hitesh , Hospital staff 
       7096021846   Dipika kumhar : gynaec OPD incharge
       7096021987   manish . hospital staff 
        7096021840  vipul. Nursing staff