Partial cuff tears

Partial cuff tears are always a diagnostic and therapeutic dilemma. There are 3 kinds of partial cuff tears.

1) Partial Articular tears(PASTA)

2) Partial Bursal Tears

3) Interstitial tears.

Advance hospital treats partial cuff tears in the most scientific manner as possible.

PASTA tears are best treated non operatively with a good rehablitation and physiotherapy. All tears less than 50 percent is treated in this manner. Tears which are more than 50 percent are addressed with arthroscopic repair.

Partial cuff tears on bursal aspect are nice to treat all arthroscopic with lamina sepciffic repair.

Interstitial tears are most difficult to diagnose, the best way is to perform a bubble test , injecting saline between the lamina of cuff tissue.

In Situ repair of PASTA lesion.

Partial articular tear . PASTA lesion

Anchor inserted for in situ PASTA repair

Partial Cuff Tears : The Lectures summarises all aspects of the Rotator cuff Injury