Medical tourism

Advance knee and shoulder hospital boosts of having facility and infrastructure comparable to any other surgery center in the world. These factors enable it to become the favourite destination of the international patients coming to India for treatment. Patients from not only african countries but Europe and United states have also come to advance knee and shoulder hospital and are quite satisfied with the treatment.

Patients from abroad are helped with the Visa issues. They are also provided residential facilities if they seek so. A highly personalised care makes international patients feel at home.

International patients can direct their queries to email address

Advance knee and shoulder adopts a policy of similar charge. International patients are charged at the same rate as Indian patients.

"Dr. Jain was very receptive, and listened to my issues and concerns. I felt very comfortable in going ahead with the procedure. The procedure went very well, and after the anesthesia wore off and I was up and walking I had less pain in my knee than before the surgery.

I will definitely recommend Dr. Jain to anyone having knee or shoulder issues.

I am very happy to have come to him for help."

Says Kristin Haeckel a US citizen who got his knee joint operated at Advance knee and shoulder hospital with Dr Prathmesh Jain