Prevention better than cure

Computer professionals : Pearls to prevent injury


  • There should be negative tilt of the keyboard that is rows of keys farthest away from you should be slightly lower so that while typing wrists are not bent upwards.

  • Height of keyboard should be such that wrists are in neutral position while shoulders are relaxed and elbows are bent less than 90degrees.

  • Use arm to navigate mouse rather than side to side movements of wrists

  • Mouse should be at same height as keyboard by its side.

  • Keep fingers and thumb relaxed on the keyboard and don’t use excessive force to activate keys.

  • Wrist should be horizontal in line with forearm so that wrist is not bent upwards or downwards. More that 15 degrees variation either way increases pressure on median nerve.

  • Middle finger should be in line with the forearm, neither angled towards thumb or little finger.


    1. Position the monitor in centre, in front of the keyboard so that you are facing it directly.

    2. Top of the screen should be at eye level. A screen that is too high or too low will cause awkward positioning of the head, neck, shoulders and back.

    3. Tilt your monitor upward so that the base is slightly closer to you. This improves legibility of print and reduces eye strain.

    4. Install the monitor on a swivel arm so you can easily make small adjustments in height and distance. Especially if you sharing your computer height of chair must be adjustable.

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