Hand Clinic

Advance hospital announces dedicated hand clinic for treatment of complicated hand disorders.Hand disorders are one of the most neglected ailments.Special strategies are made to treat hand ailments. First time in Ahmedabad, a dedicated hand clinic is organised by advance hospital . the hand clinic focuses on treatment of all hand and wrist disorders. It includes management of keinbock disease, scaphoid injuries, chronic wrist pain, TFCC injuries etc.

TFCC tears : most can be managed conservatively

There is a classification system of TFCC injury. acute TFCC injuries can be given a conservative trial. If they are not responding well to conservative management the next option is to do a arthroscopic procedure. There are several kinds of arthroscopic procedures descibed. If their is a central tear, we can debride a part of TFCC. If there is an ulnar tear than we do a arthroscopic repair Radial tear also may need arthroscopic repair .