ACL rehablitation

We had been following our patients with ACL surgery. We had an interesting experience that the patients who had undergone physiotherapy under an expert physiotherapist had an exceptional recovery.Self Exercise programs have not proven as efficacious following a ACL surgery.

ACL surgery is a very successful surgery. Most of the patients do great after an ACL surgery.We have seen that a very few patients do not do as great after their ACL reconstruction surgery. In this video we have charted out 10 most common reasons which leads to a slow recovery after an ACL surgery. It is a common saying is that the wiseman do not repeat others mistake. So this is a must see video for every patient undergoing an ACL reconstruction surgery.

A very simple Exercise protocol is explained.The exercises are grouped in supine, side lying, prone and standing groups. You must check with your physiotherapist and orthopedic surgeon if yopu are allowed to these exercises if you have any issues with your knee.