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Dr manoj kathiria: Dr manoj kathiria is one of the best musculoskeletal anaesthesiologist in the city of ahmedabad. He has done his MBBS from mp shah medical college. passed his MD anaesthesia from PDU medical college. Rajkot. Dr manoj is well specialized in performing complex nerve blocks. He is mastered in giving regional anaethesia specifically ultrasound guided nerve blocks.

He is also a pain specialist who not only manages patients well in operating room but also helps patients in post op period for pain management. He is skilled in performing pain relieving procedures in patients experiencing severe pain due to varied causes. He is known for his guided block techniques.He is an expert in regional anaesthesia and Best Anaesthesioloist to perfrom regional blocks.

Dr Munir Gandhi: Dr Munir Gandhi is one of the senior most anaesthesiologist of ahmedabad city.

He specialises in high risk anaesthesia. With his experience , we at advance knee and shoulder hospital can perform high risk cases safely.

"Patient Safety comes first at Advance"

Advance knee and shoulder hopsital believes in high focus on anaesthesia service. The hospital invites senior trained and experienced anaesthesiologists for surgeries and provide them with the best in class anaesthesia equipment. The hospital features a Dragaer fabius anaesthesia trolley which is accompanied by draeger multipara monitor. It is based on low flow anaesthesia concept.It is fitted with a sevoflurane vapouriser which is one of the best inhalational agents available. A B Braun infusion pump precisely delivers the amount required to patient avoiding the risk of overdosage.

This is the excerpts of the anaesthesia workstation from the company itself


Powerful, accurate ventilation without drive gas

Because the Fabius Plus features our electrically driven e-vent ventilator, it delivers ICU-like performance without the need for drive gas. This highly accurate piston ventilation means it is well suited to treat both adult and pediatric patients. The Fabius Plus gives you all the major ventilation modes and can be equipped with two vaporizers. Its external compact breathing system (COSY) – especially designed for low-flow anaesthesia – consists of very few parts and can be quickly disassembled for cleaning. By the way, the Fabius Plus is CLIC-Absorber compatible as well.

Enhanced safety features

The Dräger Fabius Plus comes equipped with optional, advanced features for added safety and convenience, including fresh gas decoupling, dynamic compliance compensation and backup ventilation for Pressure Support modes. The quick-start feature allows manual ventilation even when the power is off, or the workstation is in standby mode or powering up. If the central gas supply should fail, the Fabius Plus will even let you continue automatic ventilation temporarily."

Best anaesthesia faclilty for a orthopedic hospital is the review we get from visiting anaesthesiologists."The safest hospital to perform surgeries like ACL reconstruction, Knee replacement, shoulder arthroscopy , knee arthroscopy and rotator cuff repair"Dr Manoj Visiting anaethesiologist.

Post operative pain relief

Excellent post operative pain relief provided by Brachial plexus block( Interscalene level)..which relieves pain for twenty four hour.Fentanyl patch also other mode of pain relief provided if required..

Dr.Manoj Kathiriya (Regional Anaesthesiologist )

M.D. (Anaesth)