Shoulder Instability/ Recurrent Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation is a very common ailment. Shoulder joint is also prone for

recurrent dislocation. This means that once a shoulder dislocates it is prone to dislocate again. This is a difficult problem but it is treatable with a surgical procedure called

as arthroscopy surgery.

This video covers all the required information about the problem and solution of shoulder dislocation .

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common injuries in young athletes.

In indian scenarios they are also common in epeileptic patients and dancers .

Shoulder labral tears are of 3 types

    1. Anterior labral tears

    2. posterior labral tears

    3. superior labral tears.

Biceps Instability

Bankart With a Hill Sachs Lesion

Hill Sachs lesion - Unstable shoulder with anterio inferior subluxation

ALPSA repair video

A rare but important labral injury is seen in some conatct sports like cricket. It should always be kept in mind while assesing a cricket player with shoulder pain. the usual mechanism of injury is jerk to shoulder while batting or fielding.

Posterior labral injuries.