Arthroscopy clinic

Advance shoulder and knee hospital takes pride in running a successful arthroscopy clinic. Arthroscopic surgery has an advantage of faster and smooth recovery to patient as compared to open surgery. Arthroscopy clinic at advance hospital covers a extensive spectrum ranging from knee, shoulder, elbow, ankle , wrist and hip arthroscopy .

Arthroscopy clinic is a concept that patient is operated within a days time. Patient is investigated on the same day.

Best anesthesia practices are used.

Guided Interscalene block facility is used.

Patient is discharged on next day.

on discharge the patient is absolutely comfortable and pain free.

The major part of surgery is done quickly and in a manner which preserve soft tissue. Hence the recovery is fast and pain is minimal.

Shoulder arthroscopic surgery at advance knee and shoulder hospital is performed in lateral position.

lateral position : safe



anaesthetic friendly.

A shoulder arthroscopy surgery being performed at the arthroscopy clinic.

The concept of arthroscopy clinic makes the process easy and comfortable for the patient.