Shoulder Problems

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder problems are one of the most under diagnosed and maltreated ailments in the Indian patients,most patients are sent to physiotherapy for exercises whatever be the condition, this may cause progress of the debilitating condition.Arthroscopy has become a boon for patients who are suffering from painful shoulder ailments.

For years, all shoulder pathologies have traditionally been labeled not only by the patients but also the treating physicians as frozen shoulder. The fact of the scenario is that there is always a problem in some structure of the shoulder which is cause of decreased movements. Fortunately all these problems are correctable.

Shoulder pain is the 3rd most common orthopedic ailment seen at an orthopedic clinic. We have made this video with our experience in orthopedic shoulder surgery practice to tell about the main causes of the shoulder pain . The shoulder pain can be caused by variety of the illness each causing a separate symptom.

Shoulder Dislocation: A must see detailed video for everyone having a shoulder dislocation problem.

Shoulder is the one of the most common injured joint in the body. Shoulder arthroscopy has revolutionized the treatment of shoulder ailments.

This is the kind of result one gets after a arthroscopic surgery of instablity. One can't think of such result with open surgery.

This picture shows the beautiful view, seen with an arthroscope of the shoulder joint. Thus one can understand that how helpful arhroscopy is in seeing the details of the shoulder joint. As one can see the joint very well , many ailments can be cured easily.

Arthroscopic Surgery with Removal of synovial chondromatosis loose bodies. Arthroscopic removal loose bodies with Hindi Commentory