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Dr. Prathmesh Jain is one of the best arthroscopy surgeon in India. He is currently the Director and Chief Consultant orthopedic surgeon at Advance knee and shoulder Hospital at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He specialises in knee and shoulder surgery. His special field of interest is arthroscopic surgery .He is the pioneer of arthroscopic shoulder surgery in gujrat.

He has worked successfully as a consultant orthopedic surgeon at shalby hospital in ahmedabad for more than 6 years before establishing Advance knee and shoulder hospital. Shalby Hopsital is one of the leading knee replacement centers in the world.He is one of the best knee arthroscopist in ahmedabad.


Dr Prathmesh Jain makes his place in 3 best orthopedic surgeons in ahmedabad.

Dr Prathmesh Jain is our knee and shoulder surgeon trained at most premier and prestigious institutes in world. He specializes in arthroscopic surgery. His special field of interest is shoulder and hip arthroscopic surgery. He did his Graduation and Post Graduation from AIIMS, Country's premier institute and stepped on becoming a senior resident there. He has an extremely bright academic record. He is one of the first surgeons in India to do an ACGME accredited Arthroscopy Fellowship in USA. He has a exemplary command to work with complex arthroscopic procedures like knee ligament reconstruction , Shoulder instability surgery and all arthroscopic rotator cuff repair. He is one of the few Indian surgeons formally trained in hip Arthroscopy.Dr Prathmesh Jain has a keen interest in academics and teaching . He has been invited as a visiting faculty at many national and international podiums. He presented a paper at the annual meeting of American society of hand surgery when he was just a resident.Since then he has been invited to share his ideas on his innovations in arthroscopic surgery in numerous conferences all over india. He is one of the pioneers in the country when it comes to treatment of rotator cuff injury with all arthroscopic techniques. Dr prathmesh Jain is the best ACL reconstruction surgeon in gujrat. His patients label him as the best knee surgeon in gujrat and rajasthan.

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डॉ प्रथमेश जैन भारत के प्रसिद्ध ओर्थपेडीक सर्जन में से एक है। डॉ प्रथमेश अर्थरोस्कोपिक और जोड़ प्रत्यारोपण में सिद्धहस्त है। इनकी आरम्भिक शिक्षा AIIMS नई दिल्ली में हुई , इसके बाद आपने USA में एडवांस्ड अर्थरोस्कोपिक एंड स्पोर्ट्स मेडिसिन फ़ेलोशिप की। आपने ८ वर्ष शैब्य हॉस्पिटल में आर्थोपेडिक कंसलटेंट की तरह काम किया।

आप अभी एडवांस हॉस्पिटल अहमदाबाद में डायरेक्टर के पद पर कार्यरत है। घुटने और कंधे की तकलीफ और बीमारियों के लिये आप जाने जाते है। ACL सर्जरी में अपने कई सारी नई तकनीकों का पदार्पण किया है। देश में आपने सर्वप्रथम परोसिन्च आल इनसाइड ACL सर्जरी लॉच की है।

Dr Jain delivering his lecture as a faculty at Rajasthan orthopedic surgeon annual conference.

Dr Jain Addressing audience at polio foundation live surgery event.

Dr Jain specialises in treatment of large massive cuff tears with interval slides technique. He has repaired many cuff tears who have been labelled non repairable by other surgeons using this technique.

A talk on stiff knee . stiff knee is a very common knee ailment. In this video various causes of knee stiffness is explained