Observership Program

Advance knee and shoulder hospital offers short term observership program. Short term observership is a distinct program at advance knee and shoulder hospital. The salient features of this program is that it is customised. The program can be catered to speciffic needs of the orthopedic surgeon. That means that if a orthopedic surgeon needs learn more about rotator cuff injuries. A dedicated Rotator cuff observership program can be made as suited to his personal needs.

The program is organised in to ways.

1)Direct Observership: This program is organised and sponsored by the Ahmedabad advance hopsital LLP. As the program aims at spreading knowledge there is no fees ascertained to the program. The selection for the observership is on merit basis.

Interested candidates may directly send an application on email add

2) Company sponsored : These are special programs sponsored by Companies. interested candidates may please apply through the proper channel.

1) Dr Tirth Vyas :Dr Tirth Vyas is working at silvassa .

phone no. 9913347757

2. Dr Kiran chouka : banglore

3. Dr dilip Kumar Gupta : basti ,UP.

4. Dr Aditya Bothra, Nagpur

5.Dr jay venkatesh chennai