CME programs

Visiting surgeons form country's leading hospitals like AIIMS do visit Advance hospital to sharpen their arthroscopy skills.Dr Vijay kumar from AIIMS visited advance on 29th feb 2020. He was impressed with the facilities at the hospital.

Packed house at advance physiocon 2017 at health and care foundation 27th august 2017. 103 delegates from all over gujrat and rajasthan attended the conference.

Surgeon to surgeon programs are regularly organised at advance knee and shoulder hospital in which leading surgeons from all over india come to sharpen therir skills in arthroscopic surgery.

Surgical team after a successful live surgery at the Advance physiocon 2017.

Dr kiran chouka from banglore, dr dilip gupta from Basti in UP and Dr Aditya Bothrafrtom nagpur visited advance Hopsital on 12th feb 2020. A PCL reconstruction , an ACl reconstruction and 2 shoulder arthroscopy surgeries were scheduled in the program

Foot and ankle series 2020 was organised on 29th feb 2020 at apollo hopsital ahmedabad. dr prathmesh jain was invited as a faculty to give a talk on posterior ankle arthroscopy.there was aan excellent discussion on several foot and ankle pathologies.

Pune shoulder course 2020 was oragnised at sancheti hospital pune. Dr prathmesh was invited to give talk on rotator cuff repair as well as shoulder replacement.

Excited academic group of advance physiocon 2017.

Dr Prathmesh Jain was invited as a speaker at biosports 2020 workshop organised by university of dundee and EKA club. The event focussed on measures to prevent sports injury and treatment of sports injury. Dr prathmesh demonstrated the techniques of meniscal repair.

Live surgery telecast to the esteemed audience.

A lateral decubitus postion for shoulder arthroscopy, comfortable, safe and patient friendly

Live Shoulder arthroscopy surgery organised by advance knee and shoulder hospital.The live surgery is available on youtube

Dr Prathmesh jain was invited as a faculty at Annual conference of Indian arthroscopy society.He presented his work on patellofemoral instablity. he was also a part of panel discussion and presented surgical tips and tricks.

A Reverse surgeon to surgeon program was organised at jodhpur.

Team Advance physiocon2017.

Advance hospital organised an advance shoulder arthroscopy surgeon to surgeon knowledge exchange program on 29th august 2019.

Scientiffic paper presentation at ROSACON

Massive cuff tears: repair can prevent reverse shoulder replacement.

Dr Mukesh saini; Dr Rajat Mathur; Dr Prathmesh Jain

Massive cuff tears are defined as cuff tear more than 4 cm in mediolateral plane. Irreducible massive cuff tears posed a therapeutic challenge to surgeons. Many senior authors have recommended reverse shoulder replacement in these patients. Reverse shoulder replacement gives a predictable outcome in these patients.Although reverse shoulder replacement has its own set of problems. Therefore we developed an algorithm to preserve shoulder in young patients. In case of massive tears we start from doing a thorough supraglenoid release i.e releasing cuff from the glenoid tissue. Medialization of footprint is done to the tune of 1cm . If the cuff is still not reducible without tension, we do double interval slide as described by Burkhart et al . There are two types of slides - anterior interval slide and posterior interval slide. Anterior interval slide is the slide between subscapularis and supraspinatus. Posterior interval slide is the release between supraspinatus and infraspinatus. The cases in which a repair is still not possible we do a superior capsular reconstruction procedure as described by mihata et al . A tensor fascia lata graft is harvested from ipsilateral thigh and arthroscopically inserted into the joint. 2 superior glenoid anchours are used to anchor the graft on the glenoid and double row repair of graft is performed on the humeral side. This gives a good long term result. In our series we have had around 81 irreparable tears out of which 44 needed double interval interval slide and 3 neede superior capsular reconstruction.

Finally we have a surgery which can prevent knee arthritis : root repair

Dr K P Meena, Dr arun dungarwal, Dr Prathmesh Jain

Knee osteoarthritis as we perceive is an irreversible progressive disorder. Recently lot of research has been done to access and predict the progress of osteoarthritis. It has been revealed that meniscal root tears contribute a lot to progress of knee arthritis. The effect of meniscal root tear is similar to a total meniscectomy. The reason for this is that a root tear leads to extrusion of meniscus and loss of hoop stress shielding by meniscus. We have developed a technique of root repair which aligns the meniscal root to its postion using double ultrabraid no 2 sutures. The sutures are passed with first pass mini and the root is tied over anterior tibial cortex over an endobutton We utilise a single drill hole for this purpose. In our series we have accessed morbid obesity as independent predictor factor in incidence of medial meniscal root tears. Medium and long term follow up documents repair of root on mri serial examination.

Advance hospital regularly organises CME programs. The goal of these events is dissipation of academics in the target audience groups.

Dr Prathmesh jain was invited as a faculty in arthroscopy academy meeting held at mumbai on 26 and 27 july 2019.he delivered lectures and performed live surgery as well .

Regular surgeon to surgeon training program are organised at advance hospital in order to train arthroscopy surgeon from around India.

Live Shoulder arthroscopy surgery CME: shoulder made easy ; planned on 6th january at asian bariatrics ahmedabad. One rotator cuff repair surgery was demonstrated. There was a good interaction between the faculty. The theme was to make shoulder surgery easy for the beginners

Knee replacement clinic at advance hospital.

Advance hospital is also actively involved in organising GOACON2019 which will be held on 1,2 and 3rd feb 2019.

Advance Hospital organised a first in its kind of event in ahmedabad. the event covered all the details of wrist and hand ailments. Dr Vikas Gupta will be chairing the session and will be conducting live surgery as well.

CME with juhapura medical association

Advance hopsital organised a CME with juhapura medical association on recent advances in shoulder ailments on 20th september 2017. 25 delegates from juhapura medical association took part in the event. The program was well appreciated.

IASCON 2017 Jaipur: Dr prathmesh jain was invited as a national faculty in annual conference of indian arthroscopy society held from 12 to 15 oct 2017 at jaipur. Dr Jain presented his work on treatment of adhesive capsulitis. Dr prathmesh also chaired several sessions and moderated few live surgeries.


Advance hospital takes pride in hosting, advance physiocon 2017,a grand physiotherapy conference in ahmedabad on 27th august at health and care foundation , ahmedabad. The conference will focus on sports rehablitation and physiotherapy. Knee and shoulder physiotherapy will be discussed in great detail.

Dr K M Annamali being felicitated as a faculty.

Dr Bhavna Gadhvi being felicitated as a faculty.

Live surgery of ACL reconstrcution being demonstrated to delegates.