Physiotherapy is an integral part of any sports rehablitation program.Advance knee and shoulder hospital focuses a lot on proper physiotherapy both pre and post operatively to improve the functional outcomes of the patient.

Physical Therapy is a treatment which helps people affected by injury, illness, disability or after any surgery to get back physically fit in their normal routine life. We maintain health for people of all ages , helping patients to manage pain and prevent diseases.

Rehabilitation program for shoulder and knee problem includes:-

Hands-on mobilization of all joints.

Stretching and strengthening exercises for postural correction and for joint mobility.

Active and resistive exercise with the use of therabands, sandbags, and manual resistance.

Tailored exercise to target weak muscles.

Progression of exercise to increase strength, coordination, speed and balance.

Brace prescription or fitting of other mobility aids for shoulder and knee support.

Taping to support movement or exercise.

Recommendation for footwear or prescription of orthotic inserts.

Poor posture correction.

Massage therapy helps to reduce stiffness of muscle due to long sitting or computer work.

Modalities which may includes :-

Cervical / Lumbar Traction

Interferential Therapy

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation


Electrical Stimulation


Ultra Violet Radiation



Grip Strengthening equipments

Paraffin Wax Bath

Hence, we provides physical medicine and rehabilitation speciality by using mechanical force and movements, remediates impairments and promotes mobility, function, and quality of life through examination, diagnosis, prognosis, and physical intervention.

Frequently asked questions:

1)Is physiotherapy the best treatment for torn ligament?

No, Physiotherapoy can't cure a torn ACL. It is a only a part of treatment.Physiotherapy is required for the best recovery.

2)How much physiotherapy is required after Ligament reconstruction?

With recent anatomical surgical techniques the requirement of physiotherapy has reduced a lot.Yet physiotherapy is an integral part of the treatment. we at advance recommend it for 3 weeks

3)How much physiotherapy is required after total knee replacement?

Total knee replacement is performed by a special technique at advance hospital which minimizes the need of physiotherapy after the surgery to regain range of motion. Physiotherapy is an integral part of treatment to regain strength and attain normal gait after surgery. It is wrong to say that physiotherapy has no role after knee replacement surgery.

4)What is physiotherapy protocol after shoulder arthroscopy surgery?

Physiotherapy after shoulder arthroscopy surgery is patient speciffic. each patient will be guided a appropriate rehablitation program after the surgery.

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Importance of phyisotherapist after ACL surgery.

We had been following our patients with ACL surgery. We had an interesting experience that the patients who had undergone physiotherapy under an expert physiotherapist had an exceptional recovery.Self Exercise programs have not proven as efficacious following a ACL surgery.

Advance shoulder rehablitation protocol (gujrati)

Advance shoulder rehablitation protocol (English)

Basic knee physiotherapy. A video explaining basic knee exercises.