Fellow's Corner

Advance knee and shoulder hospital is actively participating in academics and teaching.

Fellows from all round the world come here to learn surgical skills.Fellows at advance knee and shoulder hospital have regarded the fellowship to one of the best arthroscopy fellowships in India.

Advance knee and shoulder hospital invites application for clinical fellowship from national and international orthopedic surgeons who wish to sharpen their skills in arthroscopic surgeries.

Fellows for all over the country and even outside have come to advance knee and shoulder hospital to sharpen their skills in arthroscopic surgery.

Our past fellows narrate their tenure as one of the most academic and learning experience.


Advance knee and shoulder hospital offers both short and long term clinical orthopedic fellowships to deserving surgeons.

The fellowship gives a wide experience of whole spectrum of arthroscopic surgery to the surgeon.

The arthroscopy fellowships that are available India and abroad are more like observer ships. Most hospitals have junior orthopedic surgeons which make fellows observers or at max third or second assistant.

At Advance, a fellow is actually involved in the working of hospital and actively participates as a first assistant surgeon rather than mere an observer. This is helped by the fact that there is no junior orthopedic surgeon in the hospital. Only 2 fellowship positions are available at a time. Hence there is direct surgeon to surgeon learning.

Minimum qualification is MS (orthopedics) or D ortho. The fellow will be required to help in all clinical work including patient care. The fellow will be scrubbing as a first assistant thereby picking up minute details of arthroscopic surgery.

There is usually a waiting for the fellowship. Interesting candidates may please indicate the time they are willing to join.

How to apply for for fellowship : Interested candidates may please apply with an email on prathmeshjain@gmail.com mentioning the slot they are interested.

The selection for the fellowship will be on merit basis.

Fellowship fees

Till dec 2019 : 80000 Rs per month

From jan 2020 to dec 2020 : 99000 Rs per month .

From jan 2021 onwards : 1,20,000 rs per month

Fellow duties : Regular ward work, OPD at different centers, Surgical assistance, academic work .

Fellows will be assigned 4 to 6 outstation camps in a month

Fellowship duration: variable 1 month to 3 months.

Fellow will be rewarded with a fellowship certificate on successful completion of fellowship.

Fellows are provided a single room paying guest accomodation by the hospital, nearby which includes food, stay and wifi charges.

Fellowship Objectives:

Reduce your strain while doing arthroscopic surgery

Learn coordinated movements of two hands and improve hand eye coordination

Be comfortable in arthroscopic knot tying.

Dont say no, But know arthroscopy.

Our Fellows:

2015 session

1) Dr Harsh Vadgama : Eldoret, Kenya. International arthroscopy fellow.

Successfully completed 3 month of intensive arthroscopy fellowship with Dr Prathmesh Jain jan 2015 to april 2015.

At present practicing at Moi Teaching and Referral hospital , the second largest university based hospital in kenya. Dr Harsh is now one of the leading arthroscopy surgeons in kenya transforming the lives of many patients from the skills he got under dr Jain's training.

email : vadgamaharsh@gmail.com.

Dr Harsh Vadgama launched arthroscopy and minimal invasive service. First in a public facility in Kenya at MTRH.

2) Dr Shobhit goyal : from haryana.

Completed 1 month clinical fellowship in arthroscopic surgery.

2016 session

3) Dr Vikas Singhal(MS -orthopedics) From Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh.

Joined six months clinical fellowship in arthroscopic surgery on 1st june 2016.

Completed the fellowship successfully.

Presently doing simple arthroscopic procedures independently and well acquainted with difficult arthroscopic surgeries. Dr vikas singhal is currently consultant at sahara hospital and SSIMS Hospital , Gwalior, MP.

email : vikasortho16@gmail.com phone no 9907290566

Dr Vikas singhal's Review

"I am an orthopaedic surgeon from Gwalior and had attended Advance hospital for fellowship in arthroscopy. My experience was superb. Dr Prathmesh Jain is one of the leading arthroscopy surgeon of India. He has vast number of cases not only from Gujarat also from other states. He has variety of cases and his approach towards problem and it's solution is superb. I learned many things and it's lifetime experience for me. His way of talking and listening to a patient is outstanding. Hospital staff is also very skillful in their work. I highly recommend this hospital for orthopaedic problem and orthopaedic colleague for training and fellowship."

4) Dr Arun Dungarwal (Jaipur) : Dr Arun is a senior orthopedic surgeon from jaipur. Dr arun successfully completed fellowship for period of nov dec 2016.. He had a good exposure of whole spectrum of arthroscopic surgeries in a short span of one month. He plans to utilise the skills gained here for betterment of his patients in jaipur. "

email dr.arundungarwal@gmail.com phone no 9907290566

Dr Arun Dungarwal's review

"How grateful I am that I can cite my experience with Dr. Prathmesh Jain and his staff at Advance Knee And Shoulder Hospital, Ahmadabad as among my blessings!. I visited Dr. Jain for academic purpose. From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the hospital itself. Dr. Jain inspires the utmost confidence by his smile which is so wide that it seems apt to describe it as extending “from sea to shining sea” and by his wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Dr. Jain is an excellent surgeon. He is expert in arthroscopy as well as replacement surgeries. His quality treatment drag the pt not only from Gujarat but Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Maharashtra and outside of India as well. During one month stay at advance hospital i closely observed his surgical skills and I was surprised to know the way, how simply he deals with most complicated cases that other surgeons has refused to do. He explained every query raised by me. Beside being an excellent surgeon he is a great man with golden heart.

Overall It was a great leaning experience for me and i give highest recommendation to Dr. Prathmesh Jain and everyone at Advance Knee And Shoulder Hospital"

2017 session

5) Dr Kanta prasad (Jaipur) : joined for fellowship jan feb 2017 tenure. At present actively involved in patient care and surgeries.

email drkp06@gmail.com phone no 9468693952.

Presently Dr K P MEENA is practising as consultant orthopedic surgeon at Ranthambor Sevika Hospital.

6) Dr Mukesh Saini (Sikar) : Selected for fellowship tenure march april 2017 .Dr Mukesh saini did MS (Ortho) from SMS Medical College Jaipur (Raj) and practiced trauma surgeries in Ajmer. He joined fellowship in March 2017. Dr Saini successfully completed fellowship in april 2017.Dr mukesh saini is currently practising as a consultant orthopedic surgeon at J D Hospital and reseach center, Reengus, sikar road, Rajasthan.

phone no 09468570899

email :sainimk.saini8@gmail.com

7) Dr Pankaj Gupta(Agra) : selected for fellowship for may 2017 . Successfully completed the fellowship.

Phone no 8769920239

email address drpankajgupta22@gmail.com

8) dr vipul kumar :Dr Vipul kumar belongs to merut and did his MS orthopedics freom BHU varanasi.He is selected for fellowship for tenure june and july 2017.

email vipulk707@gmail.com

phone no 09451722568.

9) Dr Ritesh Singh Yadav (Indore): successfully completed august 2017 fellowship.Dr Ritesh did his MBBS from gwalior and MS orthopedics from indore. He has practiced as a orthopedic surgeon at several reputed hospitals for 5 years.

Phone no 9074009424.

email address drriteshyd83@gmail.com

10) Dr Ramesh Vadapalli (Hyderabad): successfully completed fellowship for september and october 2017. He is currently consulltant at Santhiram superspeciality hopsital and medical college at Nandyal , Andhra Pradesh.

phone no 8897137668.

email : drrameshvadapally@gmail.com

Dr Ramesh vadapalli's view regarding fellowship

"I thank Dr.Prathmesh jain for giving me the oppurtunity to learn and be associated with him.It was a very great and useful experience for a surgeon like me.He is a very fast and skilled surgeon.I had the oppurtunity to see variety of cases in a short period and he makes sure the fellow aquires necessary knowledge and skills to go and practise after the fellowship. He makes surgery very simple and enjoyable even in the most complex cases..He welcomed me very well and made me feel comfortable throughout my fellowship tenure.As i am his first assistant i get to learn those precise practical hands on surgical skills and tricks.He is very academically oriented.His physician assistants and other staff at Advance hospital are very helping and supportive. They are amazing in dealing and preparing the patients from surgery till discharge.They give one to one dedicated care to the patients.Dr Prathmesh jain inspires you with his immense knowledge & skills .His volume of cases speaks about his expertise in the field of arthroscopy.Besides being an experienced surgeon he is very friendly and approachable.His young and dynamic attitude motivates you.

I highly recommend this fellowship for young aspiring orthopaedic surgeons as it will be for sure a great experience to be associated with dr Jain.

I wish Dr Prathmesh Jain to reach the pinnacle in the field of sports medicine and arthrocopic surgery in India and sow many seeds of knowledge all across the globe by training young aspiring surgeons."

11) Dr Nitesh Jajodia (Guwahati): selected for fellowship for duration november and december. phone no 9999818806. email drniteshjajodia@gmail.com

Dr nitesh jajodia is currently practising as consultant orthopedics at Nalbari multispeciality hospital at Assam.

ellow 2018 session

12) Dr Amit Garg (Sonipat, Haryana) : Selected for fellowship for jan 2018. PHONE NO 9811153432, 9013678865.

email : amitkarangarg@gmail.com

13) Dr Vivek pradhan (Jaipur) : successfully completed fellowship for feb 2018. phone no 7597493638. email address : pradhan.vivek87@gmail.com. successfully completed fellowship. He is presently practising orthopedic surgeon at jaipur.

14) Dr Apser khan (bareili UP). successfully completed fellowship for march 2018 tenure. phone no 07351316273. email afserkhan@gmail.com.

15) Dr Dinesh Chidambaram (coimbatore). selected for fellowship april 2018. Dr Chidambaram later did fellowship with Dr Eji Etoi in japan and currently consultant orthopedic surgeon at coimbatore.

phone no : 9677242249

email : dineshchidambaram75@gmail.com

16) Dr harshal sakle: Dr harshal sakle is consultant orthopedics at AIIMS raipur. phone no 8518881731

he completed a one month fellowship in april may 2018.

17) Dr Rajat Mathur(Jaipur): Dr Rajat mathur is senior orthopedic surgeon . He successfully completed may 2018 fellowship.

phone no : 9828290469.

email : mathurrk2011@gmail.com

18) Dr Amit sharma (jaipur) : completed fellowship for june 2108.

phone no 8800752183

email : dramit.as008@gmail.com present

19) Dr Chaitanya Voruganti: Selected for 1 month fellowship for july 2018

phone no 89854106239

email : chaitanya.voruganti@gmail.com

20) Dr pankaj poswal . Dr pankaj is a lt col in army and currently posted at miltary hospital agra.He is selceted for fellowship for august 2018 slot .phone no 8650448779.email address dr.pankajposwal@yahoo.co.in.

present appointment ; military hospital agra

21) Dr sriharsha yanamadala : orthopedic surgeon from guntur, andhrapradesh,successfully completed fellowship for sept and october 2018 slot.

phone no 9966786899.

email : sriharsha.yanamadala@gmail.com

22) SuniKumar thakore : present appointment : Military hospital . Jalandhar . punjab.

23)Dr J Vickas. Orthopedic surgeon from Kurnool Andhra pradesh . selected for fellowship for duration nov 2018.

phone no 7025582592

email : vcasvikas29@gmail.com

Dr Vikas Singhal and Dr Tushar Ahluwalia

Fellows 2019 session

24) Dr Tushar ahluwalia : orthopedic surgeon at jalandhar . selecetd for fellowship for dec 18 and jan 19.

phone no 7589310101

email tusharwalia@gmail.com

present appointment : civil hospital, jalandhar, punjab.

25) Dr muddabir Suhaib : MS ortho (manipal) selected for fellowship for duration jan and feb 2019.

26) Dr Mahendra bendale : orthopedic surgeon from jalgaon is selected for fellowship for feb and march 2019 .phone no 9975048988.

email add bendale.mahendra@gmail.com

27) Dr Sanjeev yadav : from Delhi . selected for march 2019 slot

phone no 9971098149

Email : sanjeevmamc88@gmail.com

28) Dr Rajesh bahadur singh : From bihar selected for fellowship for april 2019 slot.

email :rajesh_singh986@yahoo.com

phone no : 9005930005

appintment present esic hospital ,varanasi

29) Dr Jayveer hunjan : successfully completed fellowship for april 2019 duration.Presently practicing and doing a arthroscopy practice at Hunjan Hospital ludhiana.

phone no 9569060630

present appointment : hunjan hospital .ludhiana . punjab .

30) dr Anurag Gupta : successfully completed fellowship for may 2019 .

phone no 8400404341

email address : anuazad008@yahoo.co.in

31) Dr Sudeeep madhukar nambiar : selected for fellowship for june 2019 duration . Dr sudeep has finished his DNB from prestigious MIOT hospital in chennai and currently working at PES hospital . Chittoor. AP.

phone no 9945063148

email address : sudeep.madhukar@gmail.com

32) Dr varun goel : mob no 7879936499. selected for fellowship for july 2019.

33) Dr Georgy J Kuruvilla : kottayam ,Kerela. completed fellowship for august 2019 duration.

phone no :9048922498

email : georgy.kuruvilla@gmail.com

34) Dr sandip bishnoi : successfully completed fellowship for aug 2019 duration .

phone no 7054424493.

asst prof orthopedics ,moradabad.

Dr Vipul Kumar

35) Dr P Rohit raj : completed fellowship for sept 2019 duration .

36) Dr saurabh shah : completed fellowship for sept 2019 duration.

37) dr Karthik Kota : completed fellowship for october 2019 tenure

phone no 9885283062

email : krvkarthik11@gmail.com

38) Dr Sandip adhikari (nepal) completed fellowship for 15th oct to 30th nov 2019 session.phone no 9851169055 email : itsadsan@gmail.com.

Dr Sandip adhikari is from Nepal and we were happy to host him with family. A family quarter was allotted to him

39) Dr Gopi Ravi teja : completed fellowship for nov dec 2019. phone no.9949295555. email : g.gopiraviteja@gmail.com.

40) Dr Abhishek Pandit :(deoghar in jharkhand) completed fellowship for december 2019 . phone no 8340607327

fellows 2020 session

41)Dr Hitesh shukla : mumbai : phone no 9892787446. email shuklahitesh19@gmail.com : selected for jan 2020 and april 2020 duration

42)Dr Tejaz john: Orthopedic surgeon form thiruvalla, kerela.selected for fellowship for feb 2020.Dr Tejaz belongs to kerela. phone no 8606254611

43) Dr Saikat jena : completed fellowship for feb 2020. Dr saikat Jena belongs to Orissa and he completed his MS orthopedics from MAMC Delhi

email : saikat.jena89@gmail.com phone no 8506893153

44)Dr Vivek Jha : completed fellowship for march 2020. email vj.1104@gmail.com . phone no 6230266488. Dr Vivek jha is practicing in solan in himachal pradesh.

45) Dr wayal utkarsh ashok : Kozhikode ;selected for fellowship for march and april 2020. email utkarssssh@gmail.com . phone no.8080499820

46) Dr Nadaf Moinnuddin : selected for fellowship for august 2020.

phone no 9562774861

47) Dr Bobby Nandhimandalam : was selected for fellowship for july 2020 tenure : phone no 9566109590 . email : dr.bobbyn@gmail.com. Unfortunately Dr Bobby couldnt join because of coronavirus. Fees Returned.

48)Dr Ashwani Pankaj : senior resident AIIMS , Patna.selected for sept 2020

49) Dr Shivam Shah(Vadodara): selected for oct 2020 . phone no 9662820631

email shivamshah92@gmail.com

**) Dr lungsum Gonmei:(manipur) selected for fellowship for oct 2020 and nov 2020. unfortunately Dr Gonmei can't attend due to coronavirus issue.

email orthsumgonmei@gmail.com

phone no 9560733575

50) Dr Jay Palak: successfully completed fellowship for duration of nov and dec 2020.

he is from ranchi in jharkhand. phone no 7319717406.

51) Dr Anurag jain selected for fellowship for from 15 jan to 15 feb 2021.

52) Dr Srikanth gurram: selected for fellowship for jan and feb 2021. Dr Srikanth is from nellore in andhra pradesh.

email add : drsrikanth332@gmail.com phone no 8106027086

53) Dr Y mahesh : vijaywada andhrapradesh : selected for march 2021 tenure.

phone no 8886050966.

54) Dr Vishal Shinde : selected for fellowship in march and april 2021.Phone no 9226214398. email : vishal231287@gmail.com

55) Dr Shreesh kadur : Kannur kerela, selected for fellowship for may 2021

email address : Shreesh90@gmail.com

phone no. 9654566272. Unfortunately Dr Shreesh Cant join due to COVID. Fees Returned

56) Dr Ravi Theja Reddy Singasani: From Manipal .Selected for fellowship for april and may 2021.Phone no 8897475365.email : ravitheja109@gmail.com. Dr Ravi Theja was unfortunately unable to come due to covid issue. Fees Returned

57) Dr Siddarth Vakil : selected for fellowship for april 2021. Phone no 9423904537.

email : siddarthvakil19@gmail.com

58) Dr Ravindra Gavle : Selected for fellowship for may 2021 Phone no. 9713161569

email : ravigrmc@gmail.com

59)Dr Prashant B R K from hyderabad , Telangana. phone no 9949930308

email : prashanthbrk@gmail.com . selected for fellowship for june 2021.

60) Dr Himanshu Singh : Selected for Fellowship for june 2021. phone no 9632026082.

email : doctorsingh@live.com

61) Dr rajashekhar Kandi : selected fro fellowship for 1st july to 15th july 2021. phone no . 9949042042.

62) Dr Ram Sai (Visakhapatnam): selected for 1 month fellowship from 16th july 2021 to 15august 2021. mobile no . 9550687572. e mail : dr.ramsai@yahoo.com

63)Dr. Ameya Sawarkar working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedics at N.K.P Salve Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur selected for fellowship for august 2021. phone no Mob no : 7709012215 .

64) Dr Puloto Yeptho : selected for Fellowship for august 2021. mob no , 9899545584

email puloyeps@gmail.com

63) Dr Ashish BC . selected for fellowship for july and aug 2021 session . phone no 8792127895 email ashishbc111@hotmail.com. unfortunately Dr Ashish can't join due to Coronavirus wave. Fees Returned.

64) Dr Tabrez Alam : Selected for fellowship for june and july 2021. phone no

9760619880 . email : tabrezmbbs@gmail.com. Unfortunately Dr Tabrez can't join Fellowship due to COVID. Fees Returned.

65) Dr Binay Kumar Sahu : delhi ; selected for fellowship for september 2021

phone no : 8447858304. email drbinaykumarsahu@gmail.com. Unfortunatley Dr Binay Sahu couldn't join. Fees Returned.

67) Dr Vinit Oswal : selected for september. phone no. 9738381010 email add


66) Dr Pratyushparag :Moradabad. selected for september 2021 tenure

: phone no 8650398728. email :PRATYUSHPARAG@GMAIL.COM.

67) Dr Abhishek Mishra : phone no 8527186070. selected for fellowship for October 2021

email mishra.abhishek85@gmail.com

68) Dr Gaurang Agarwal : phone no 9650424625. Selected for fellowship for october2021

email gaurang140389@gmail.com

69)Dr Prajactam moreshwar lende: from maharshtra. Dr prajactam has done his orthopedic training and fellowship from hiranandani hospital, mumbai. phone no 9637340851, 8369982173.

email : drpracjactamlende@gmail.com

Dr prajactam has been selected for nov and dec 2021 slot.

70) Dr Bandela Manoranjan, Selected for 15 days fellowship 1st nov to 15th nov. mob no . 9398637736

71) Dr Karthik Paidi : vizag. selected for 16th nov to 30 th nov. phone no . 9550557364 and 8919829002.

70) Dr Mohit Sharma Selected for dec 2021slot . phone no 9711245559

email : drmohitsharma1989@gmail.com

70) Dr Pravash ranjan Parida :orissa selected for fellowship for jan and feb 2022 contact no 9439390217.email : parida2008@gmail.com

71) Dr Ram K yadav koshi hospital biratnagar, nepal, selected for jan and feb 2022 .

phone no . 009779803292721

72)Dr Siddhartha kumar shrest : Selected for fellowship for march april 2022

73) Dr Amar tej : from Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh selected for fellowship for march 2022. phone no. 08465903432 . email amartejbandi@gmail.com

74) Dr. Abhinav Mishra MS, DNB selected for april 2022

Ph: 9643360850, 9318488472

Email: abhinavmishra2312@gmail.com

74) Dr Narendra Vaishnav from Pune: selected for Fellowship for may 2022. phone no 8411866209 . email add Naren2512263@gmail.com

74) Dr ramniwas swarnkar from Jaipur. Selecetd for fellowship for may june 2022.

phone no . 8233511257

75) Dr Imran Khursheed : selected for Fellowship for july 2022.

phone no . 9821923982 email imransv786@gmail.com

76) Dr Abhishek Gupta : selected for july 2022.

77) Dr Pronnat Jain : Selected for August 2022 Fellowship. phone no 9198149200

78) Dr Srinivas Gollangi : selected for sept 2022 .

80) Dr Naseef Mohammad : selected for fellowship for august and sept 2022.

82) Dr.Siddhartha Maredupaka : Selected for Fellowship for oct and nov 2022 .

85) Dr Sandip Patil : selected for fellowship for nov and dec 2022 .

86) dr Mohammad Ashraf : selected for jan 2023 ., phone no. 6309664595

90) Dr Ajay Dhanopeya : slecetd for feb 2023. phone no 09893973369. email dhanopeyaajaymgm@gmail.com

Hand Clinic With Dr Vikas Gupta

Dr Rajat Mathur accompanying

Dr Amit sharma Jaipur

Dr Chaitanya Voruganti

Dr Pankaj Poswal

Dr Sriharsha

Dr Bharat Behre From Delhi

Dr Pankaj Poswal from Army

Dr Sunil Thakur From Army

Dr Amit Sharma

Dr Anurag Jain from Indore described his experience in Arthroscopy fellowship At Advance Knee and Shoulder Hospital.

Dr Ujjval Kejriwal describes his Fellowship Experience