Knee Replacement

The treatment of choice in severe osteoarthritis of knee joint is Total Knee Replacement. These are the things one should know about knee replacement.There are 2 types of knee replacement;

  1. Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty: useful in young age with medial sided osteoarthritis. Unicompartmental knee replacement surgery is a surgery in which only the half diseased part of joint is replaced instead of the complete knee . It is a very good alternative to total knee replacement in selected cases.Advance knee and shoulder hospital specialises in unicompartmental knee replacement surgery. Dr Prathmesh Jain has been specially trained for this surgery at Oxford knee course.

  1. Total knee replacement : total knee replacement is a well establishedtreatment now for treatment of end stage arthritis of knee joint.

Advance knee and shoulder hospital specialises in treatment of knee arthritis.

All modalities are available, which are used judiciously and scientifically for the best result for the patients.

The hospital provides the best treatment for knee arthritis.

Facility for best knee replacement surgery is available. Operation theatre evaluators have nominated advance knee and shoulder hospital as the best knee replacement operation theatre having a class 100 certification.

Can Joint replacement surgery be done in any operation theatre?

class 100 OT

Joint replacement surgery should be performed only in a laminar airflow operation theatre which has HEPA filters with a class 100 certification.

Advance hospital welcomes the move by government to put a cap on knee replacement implants. Advance hospital has reduced all its TKR packages according to the new rates stipulated by government of India. Thanks to government of India initiative, now total knee replacement is available at very affordable charges to patients

Happy patients of knee replacement at advance knee replacement center.

Space suites are used by operating surgeon at advance hospital to prevent infection in knee replacement patients

Benefits of Total knee replacement

  1. Improvement in pain

  2. Improvement in function

  3. Increase in walking distance

  4. Better gait

  5. Better confidence in walking

A class 100 laminar flow operating room at advance knee and shoulder hospital . It ensure best protection to the patient.

TKR done with space suits on

Dr jain did a phenomenonal work in treatment of patellar clunck syndrome. He has one of the highest series of arthroscopic treatment of patellar clunk syndrome which occurs as a complication of posterior stablised design in totala knee arthroplasty.

Patellar Clunk Syndrome is a common problem after knee replacement. In this patient have a noise coming from the knee with each bending movement. A simple solution for this is a Arthroscopic removal of the patellar clunk nodule.