Knee Problems

Knee Pain : if you have a knee pain in young age. We can do a lot of advanced techniques to improve knee pain. Arthroscopic technique, HTO and half knee Replacement are the 3 advanced techniques that can be done.

Knee problems are a common ailment. Knee is a joint which undergoes a significant degeneration and wear with time. It is also a joint which has a strong predisposition to a sports or athletic injury.

Knee joint is destined to carry maximum load over it. Hence there is a high chance of degeneration.

Advance knee and shoulder hospital provides the best destination for knee joint care. The state of the art infrastructure at the hospital is accompanied with the excellent surgical skills of Dr Prathmesh Jain to provide the best functional outcome to the patient.

Knee Demonstration : Dr Prathmesh Jain demonstrates the knee joints with its vital structures, ligaments, meniscus and cartilage.The demonstration is in layman's language so as to increase the awareness in knee ailments in public.