Class 100 OT

A class 100 laminar flow operating room at advance hospital.

As per international recommendation knee replacement surgery should only be performed in a Laminar flow operating room with HEPA filters. It reduces infection following knee replacement.

Operation theatre is the backbone of any orthopedic hospital. The operation theatre at the hospital is a laminar airflow theatre equipped with HEPA filters which makes it a class 100 operation theatre as per particle count norm. Gerflor surface is used not only on the flour but also the walls to have a seamless/jointless surface.

Patient safety comes first at advance. With this theme the hospital has acquired a Dragger FABIUS anesthesia trolley which is one of the safest anesthesia trolley available. Safe anesthesia can be administered through the same. The trolley has a sevoflurane vaporizer attached as well which is the one of the best inhalational agent available which gives fastest recovery. It is complemented by 16” multipara widescreen dragger monitor. A B Braun infusion pump helps in controlled delivery of medications.

Allengers HF49 C ARM system is always of help while doing complicated knee and shoulder surgeries.Instrumentation armamentarium at the operation theatre is highly advanced. It features a motorized power drill, fine instrumentation sets and all orthopedic instrumentation sets.

The Operating room has advanced arthroscopy equipment system which includes. Storz camera system and light source. This is supplemented with an aesculap motorized shaver system. A radiofrequency VAPR device adds to the armamentarium. Full set of delicate hand instruments of shoulder and knee arthroscopy is available.

Sterilization is one of the key elements in preventing surgical site infections. The hospital has a horizontal autoclave machine which works on vaccum assisted technology.