ACL tear

I have a complete ligament tear in my knee, can it heal completely ?

No, a complete ACL tear does not heal on its own. I needs a surgery which is called ACL reconstruction

What is ACL reconstruction?

Once torn, the ACL cannot be repaired, it is replaced either with a tendon or ligament from the body. This is a technically demanding surgery done with help of arthroscope. the reconstructed ligament is fixed on either side with special devices called buttons and screws.

Rotator cuff tear

What is rotator cuff tear ?

It's the most common shoulder injury in which the group of tendons(supraspinatus, infraspinatus , subscapularis and teres minor) can be torn. Supraspinatus is the most common followed by infraspinatus and subscapularis.

Can rotator cuff tear heal on its own?

No, once torn , either partially or completely rotator cuff can't heal on its own.

How is rotator cuff repaired?

Rotator cuff is repaired with an all arthroscopic technique in which the tear is visualised through arthroscope and repaired with instruments passed into the shoulder joint and tied down with sutures.

Is mini open rotator cuff repair as good?

No, with mini open repair the results are not as good. With recent advances in the techniques , it has gone into disrepute due to a number of scientific reasons.