Ankle Instablity

Ankle arthroscopy is particularly useful in treatment of the ankle disorders. Painful ankle joint can result from a large number of causes, the main are loose body, osteochondral defect, impingement, synovitis etc.

Ankle Instablity:

Ankle sprains are the most common ankle injuries. Recurrent ankle sprains lead to ankle instablityleading to stretched out anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular ligaments. Surgical treatment is recommended to treat this condition.

Acute ankle sprain was historically treated with Plaster of paris.Recent research suggest that functional bracing and early weight bearing is equally effective as a first aid . We usually recheck patients at 4 or 5 days for a clinical examination and very occasionally a MRI scan is needed.Patient should be under rehabilitation after the injury.

Modified brostrom procedure is one the best procedures to treat the ankle instablity . The ankle instablity is usually due to injury of ATFL . Acute ATFL injury is usually managed conservatively but sometimes in long run the ankle develops chronic instability. In some of these cases we perform a surgical procedure called as Modified brostrom procedure.Occasionally we also add an internal bracing to the repair construct.