Deluxe rooms

Unique features of patient rooms :

  • Fully motorized, semi motorized and partially motorized beds from JANAK healthcare respectively according to room category which are very comfortable and convenient to the patient.

  • Fully airconditioned rooms.

  • Refrigerator

  • Microwave.

  • Monitors are available for patient safety.

  • Patient lockers.

  • Dining trolley for patient comfort.

  • Number of dining options as hospital situated right next to eating street

  • Soothing view from the room

    • Advance hospital has the credit of being the first completely HEPA purified Hospital. HEPA filters are medical filters which clean the air of dusts and microbes. Major hospitals use HEPA air purifiers in opeartion theatres. In its aim to provide most high standard medical care, HEPA air purifiers are installed in all patient rooms as well as OPD chambers at Advance Hospital. HEPA filters clean the air to provide clean microbe free air to the patients.