Superior capsular reconstruction

Advance knee and shoulder hospital is one of the few centers in the world where facility of superior capsular reconstrcution is available.

In cases of massive rotator cuff tears which are not repairable, the only option which is adviced to patients is a reverse shoulder replacement. But now a new technique is available by which reverse shoulder replacement is avoidable. The technique is called as superior capsular reconstruction. We use a fascia lata graft and make it into a solid 7 to 8 mm thick superior capsule and fix it on both sides, that is to glenoid and humeral head. It prevents the upward migration of humeral head and increase the lever arm to increase strength in the shoulder.

Dr Prathmesh jain has developed a new technique in which the interval slides technique are combined with the superior capsular reconstruction to give the best results.

The technique of superior capsular reconstruction is first described by a japanese surgeon Dr mihata using the fascia lata graft. After his description the technique has been very popular over the world. In USA synthetic grafts are used. It is said that in US around 15000 SCR procedures have been done till date. Unfortunately in India the procedure is not very popular with only few centers performing the procedure.