Physio fellowship

Fellowship in sports physiotherapy : . A 1-3 month fellowship will be offered to those interested in sports medicine . 

Fellowship involves regular involvement in OPD consultation, observer ship for arthroscopic surgeries and physiotherapy training for pre op and post op patients.  The fellowship will focus on knee and shoulder rehabilitation. Along with that the fellow will actually be participating regularly in patient care and treatment.

Looking to take your career in sports medicine physiotherapy to the next level? We are excited to announce the launch of our Sports Medicine Physiotherapy Fellowship Program!

Our one month fellowship program is designed for physiotherapists who have a passion for sports medicine and want to become leaders in the field. Through a comprehensive and immersive experience, fellows will gain advanced knowledge, skills, and clinical expertise in treating athletes and sports-related injuries.

Program Highlights:

1. Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced sports medicine Arthroscopic Surgeon, physiotherapist, orthopedic surgeons, and other experts in the field, who will guide and mentor you throughout the fellowship program.

2. Hands-on Experience: Gain practical skills through rotations in our sports medicine clinics, orthopedic departments, and team settings. You will have the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels, from recreational to professional.

3. Advanced Training: Enhance your understanding of sports-specific injuries, assessment techniques, treatment approaches, and rehabilitation protocols through specialized coursework and workshops.

4. Research Opportunities: Engage in research projects and contribute to the advancement of sports medicine knowledge through our collaborative research initiatives. 

5. Competitive Edge: Stand out in the job market and gain a competitive advantage with a sports medicine physiotherapy fellowship, as employers value this specialized training and expertise.


The fellowship program is open to physiotherapists who have completed their basic physiotherapy education and have a minimum of some  years of clinical experience. Applicants should demonstrate a strong interest and commitment to sports medicine and be dedicated to advancing their career in this specialty.

Application Process:

Interested candidates can submit their application online, including a CV, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement outlining their motivation for pursuing a fellowship in sports medicine physiotherapy.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your career and make a significant impact in the field of sports medicine. Apply now for our Sports Medicine Physiotherapy Fellowship Program and join us in shaping the future of sports medicine healthcare!

For more information and to apply, visit our website or contact us at  09925235667 whatsapp Dr Manoj Kathiria Medical Director 

Fellowship Fees 5000 Rs (uptill march 2024)


The fellows will have a practical exposure in management of day to day sports injury and they will be able to treat most sports  injury after the fellowship.

Advance knee and shoulder hospital invites applications from physiotherapist who wish to develop their career in sports medicine.

1)  Dr Naumee Gondalia BPT : Fellow in sports physiotherapy for one month (november -december) . She completed her fellowship with utmost devotion.She has been rising on career perspective since there after.

Dr Naumee has now been appointed as the chief hospital manager as AARSH Children Hospital.

2) Dr Vrunda Lakhtaria : BPT (karamsad medical college),MPT(Sumandeep vidhyapeeth, Piparia) joined Fellowship in Sports physiotherapy. She completed one month fellowship for the month of june 2017.Dr Vrunda is currently assistant professsor at khyati physiotherapy college. She is also doing her private practice.


3)Dr Nikita manjanwal: has completed her B.PT (V.S hospital ahmedabad) and  post graduation in Orthopaedic physiotherapy(Ahmedabad institute of medical sciences) and is doing private practice in Sabarmati(Smart Care physiotherapy clinic) since 2 years.

She is certified in manual taping and mulligan techniques. neurodynamic solutions. She is now looking forward to gain knowledge in knee and shoulder arthroscopic physiotherapy. She has enrolled for 1 month fellowship program for april 2018 with Advance knee and shoulder arthroscopic hospital.

4)Dr Priyal shah : successfully completed physiotherapy fellowship april and may 2019.

5) Dr Shruti Parekh 

6) Dr Faruq Desai 

7 ) Dr Chirag Prajapati 

Applications can be send on email  .

ADVANCE PHYSIOCON : this is a unique concept developed in which orthopedic surgeon and physiotherapist complement and share their knowledge. We can organise a CME on demand of a structured group of physiotherapist. 

We believe that a complementary approach between orthopedic surgeons and physiotherapist maximises the outcomes.

Live surgery for physiotherapists at advance : advance knee and shoulder hospital conducts live surgery for small groups of physiotherapist which provide one to one interaction and close insight into arthroscopic surgery and sports medicine.

Advance physiotherapy cme on 5th jan 2018.