Research activities

Dr Prathmesh Jain is always actively involved in research activities since his college days. Arthroscopy is a emrging field. Dr Prathmesh Jain has always strived to develop new arthroscopic techniques. His work has been recognised internationally.

Glimpses of research activities

Wrist arthroscopy “Role of Arthroscopic Synovectomy of Wrist in Cases of Inflammatory Arthritis of The Wrist”, Thesis at AIIMS,under the supervision of Prof. P.P. Kotwal and Dr Vikas Gupta. It was the first series of wrist arthroscopy from India. Very surprising results on Indian patients. It was accepted as a scientific paper in the 61st Annual meeting of the American Society of Hand Surgery (ASSH),2006.

Recurrent dislocation shoulder: Dr Jain developed a new technique in arthroscopic repair of bankart lession. This technique strengthens the inferior capsule , preventing the shoulder from dislocating. The paper was named as

Use of a Low poaterolateral portal to achieve a better inferior plication in Bankart repair. It was presented in Annual conference of Indian Arthroscopy society in Sept 2008(Goa).

Arthroscopy following total knee arthroplasty : Dr Jain has remained crucial in his role of developing arthroscopy as a means to address painful total knee arthroplasties. He presented a scientific paper titled " Arthroscopy following Total knee Arthroplasty: Our experience" at the Annual conference of Indian arthroscopy Society, Ahmedabad, 2009.

Rotator Cuff tears : Dr Jain developed an indigenous, low cost technique to repair subscapularis tears, which are considered as one of the most difficult to repair injuries. He presented his work in Annual conference of Indian arthroscopy Society, Chennai, 2010 as well as annual conference of Indian orthopedic association, Jaipur 2011.

Acromio clavicular Arthritis : All arthroscopic distal clavicle excision is a novel technique to treat AC arthritis. Dr Prathmesh was invited as a faculty at chulalongkorn university , Bangkok to speak on his technique of treatment of subacromial problems including dital clavicle excision.