Wrist Arthroscopy

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Wrist arthroscopy is the best way to address the ligament injuries of wrist

Advance hospital is the first hospital in gujrat to have a smith and nephew 2.7mm HD arthroscope. Wrist Arthroscopic procedures are commonly performed here.


2)TFCC repair

3)scapholunate ligament injuries

TFCC injury: TFCC injury is the most common soft tissue injury of the wrist joint. The most common feature is ulnar sided wrist pain. We may seea associated DRUJ instablity with it. TFCC injuries can be addressed with Wrist arthroscopy procedures

An ulnar sided tear is treated with arthroscopic outside in repair. The video displays a ulnar sided TFCC tear repaired with mutiple absorbable sutures.

A foveal tear is repaired with either a suture anchor or transosseous sutures.

Arthroscopic TFCC repair being done.a prolene suture passed to repair the TFCC lesion

Painful patient can be treated nicely with arthroscopic repair.