keinbock's Disease

Avascular necrosis of lunate bone is called as keinbok's disease. It is a very common ailment of wrist joint encountered in our practice. As the lunate turns avascular it becomes sclerotic and painful.

There are many techniques described to treat keinbocks disease, it includes radial shortening, ulnar lengthening, drilling and so on. The best results are obtained by 4,5 ICRSA vascularised pedicle grafting.

Vascularised bone graft:

This is the most commonly done procedure for Keinbock's disease at advance knee and shoulder hospital. As compared to any other procedure it provides a better functional outcome.

Vascularised graft with a vascular pedicle harvested from distal radius. This graft is inserted into the avascular lunate to stimulate vascularisation