Knee Arthritis

In this video we demonstrate the HTO instrumentation set which is very user friendly . It has been developed to make the opening wedge HTO surgery easy and comfortable. The set consist of all the instrumentation and implants needed to perform the procedure . Open wedge osteotomy is a very nice procedure to treat Early osteoarthritis in young individuals.

Most common knee problem that occurs with age is arthritis.

It is called osteoarthritis

Knee joint is the most common site for osteoarthritis.

Arthritis in the knee joint serially progresses with age

It is classified in mild moderate and severe stages based on Xrays.

The approved treatment modalities for osteoarthritis are :

  1. Weight reduction

  2. Physiotherapy

  3. Pain killers as required

  4. Glucosamine and chondroitin are prescibed but have limited literature support that they improve arthritis

  5. Arthroscopy in useful in selected cases which have more mechanical symptoms and less Xray changes

In severe osteoarthritis of knee joint : the treatment of choice is Total Knee Replacement.

Knee replacement: Things one should know

Types of knee replacement;

  1. Partial knee replacement (unicondylar knee replacement): useful in young age with medial sided osteoarthritis.

  2. Total knee replacement: standard treatment in cases of severe osteoarthritis of knee joint.

Benefits of Total knee replacement

  1. Improvement in pain

  2. Improvement in function

  3. Increase in walking distance

  4. Better gait

  5. Better confidence in walking

Advance knee and shoulder hospital specialises in treatment of knee arthritis.

All modalities are available, which are used judiciously and scientifically for the best result for the patients.

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