Instablity With Bone Loss

Arthroscopic Bone Block \ Arthroscopic Latarjet

Our Technique technique that uses a tricortical iliac crest bone graft or coracoid with a nonmetal fixation method using 2 ultrahigh- strength suture tapes. The tapes are passed fromthe posterior to the anterior glenoid rim, passing through the graft from the anterior to the posterior part, compressing the cancellous face of the graft to the glenoid defect, increasing the stability of the structure, and eliminating secondary metal-related problems. The final step involves extraarticular capsulolabral reconstruction


Can be used for auto- or allografts

Requires small drill tunnels (2.4 mm)

Preserves joint capsule with reconstruction

Involves strong and broad compression of the graft with greater


Does not use metal implants

Reproducible technique and easy revision


Demanding technique in comparison with other arthroscopic glenoid


Requires preparation of the graft

Possibility of wrong graft positioning

Presents minimal vascular-nervous risk; however, using the posterior

guide assures safety during procedure

Compression depends of the bone graft quality