1. Mamta Trivedi : shoulder surgery

  2. udit sood : shoulder dislocation surgery

  3. Pushpa desai : shoulder surgery

  4. DM Dave : shoulder replacement surgery

  5. Amit Jayaswal : ACL surgery

  6. Alpesh Dave : knee surgery

  7. Mahesh Chitora : ligament surgery

  8. International patient : shoulder surgery

Patients testimonials at practo.

Mamta trivedi: A 50 year young resident of Atlanta in US.

"On my business trip to India I felt herself in lot of pain such that I can't even move her shoulder. I was in deep agony. I showed it to Dr. Prathmesh Jain who was very confident that he can give me good relief. I made up my mind to undergo the procedure and the evening of the procedure I woke up with a great relief in my shoulder pain. I asked him - you drugged me. He smiled and answered- No. These are some normal pain killers. I realized that he has done what he has promised to do. I was so thankful.He is definitely the best shoulder surgeon in India"

Mr. D.M. Dave

Mr D M Dave is a polio patient since childhood and walking on the support of his shoulder. Hence he developed shoulder arthitis . He was sucessfully operated with total shoulder replacement and he is doing very well.I will rate Dr Jain as the best Shoulder surgeon in ahmedabad

Mahesh Chittora:

About 2 years ago, when I met an accident and found ligament fracture in my right knee, I visited a no. of doctors. Some suggested no need of fractured ligament surgery, but to live with injury, some suggested for operation. I was in confusion, as I was OK and able to walk, but not properly & me as well as my family were afraid of more wear of knee in case of wrong operation.

But thanks to facilities, co-operation of staff members and mainly skill, treatment, motivational support & guidance of you Dr. prathmesh, I got operated and now after six months of operation I feel very well, can walk, jog, run and drive in normal way.

I thanks & wish you a bright future, so that you can help a no. patients similarly. I consider him to be the best arthroscopic surgeon in gujrat

Best regards,

Mahesh Chittora